17 DIY Seating Ideas To Enhance Your Garden and Outer Area

source DIY Seating Ideas will help you to create something special in your budget and its look nice too by using things you already have.

http://temeculavalleysymphony.org/calendar/action~oneday/exact_date~19-3-2018/ Everyone waits for summer to come because then we can enjoy sitting in the garden and feel the fresh air.Whether you have a small or big area for the garden you should make it interesting by having the sitting arrangements outside.

see url You can buy furniture for the outer area but some people don’t have the budget for that and it will not look interesting because everyone uses furniture that is easily available in the market.

Why don’t you try something different that requires your skills can save budget and looks nice because of different materials you can use to make an outside living room.

You can have sitting area anywhere under the tree, near the plants or in the middle wherever you like to enjoy the fresh air of garden in the morning and evening.

Materials you can use for sitting will depend on the theme of your garden and what type of other materials you have in your garden.

DIY Seating Ideas

So let’s see 17 DIY Seating Ideas that will add more beauty to your outer area find the best possible match for your garden.

1DIY Outdoor Bench

If you have skills and creativity you can easily create this bench using wood of any type.First, you need to create the sides in which you can put flowers or anything you like and then cut the wood into long pieces enough to make the sitting area.You can create as many benches you want.

2PVC Pallet Daybed

Daybed in the outer area will give you relaxed sleep in the long evenings of summer you can enjoy your sleep under the tree and near the plants.To create this project use pallet, cardboard, and PVC pipes to make an interesting bed that is adding beauty to your garden.

3DIY Cinder Block Bench

This bench is easy to create you just need to adjust cinder blocks and insert small wood pieces to create the seat where you can put mats, rugs or anything which will become your bench where you and your family members can sit, relax and talk.

4Cinder Block Bigger Bench

Above point cinder, bench was small for those who want the bigger one can create the above image it is much more comfortable and feels more relaxing and does not require much time for creating it.

5Pallet Bench and Table

This is simple and interesting bench table for your garden this will be loved by your kids because of their interesting design.You need to have some cutting and modification skills to create this project.

6Wooden Lounge Sofa

This sofa is best when you need to have a party outside with your friends and family you can cook outside and enjoy your meal by sitting and talking with your loved ones.

7Wooden Pallet Bench with side table

A pallet is used in so many different ways to create a furniture item this is a bench with side table you can use it as a table or for anything else.There are a lot of different ways in which you can use this bench you can take it inside also.

8Table and Stool using Milk Carate

This one is easiest of them all because you just need to attach woods to make it a stool and table.You can take them anywhere you want it might be small but is useful to create the sitting arrangement anywhere you like.

9Big Wooden Bench

You must have seen these types of the bench in the park because these are very common.These benches are easy to create also you just need to have the right skills to make them.

10Terrace Pallet Bench

Pallet benches are featured lots of times in this post, above image is of simple pallet bench that is easy to create you can create longer or shorter bench depending on your need.

11Using free space for bench

To create this bench free area is left so later you can use it to make a bench for the sitting.These types of designs are found in corners you can use your corners to have these benches where you can sit and relax.

12Small Pallet Lounge

This lounge is similar to the earlier shown pallet bench it is just covered with colorful sheets to make it more interesting for your guests.You can enjoy your evening drinks and meal while sitting and laying on these benches.

13Pallet Deck around the trees

If you have that much area in your garden where you can have trees then you can create a deck around it which can be used for sitting or putting some useful things on it.

14Simple Pallet Lounge

This is a very simple pallet table and chairs it is created with the combination of one pallet table which is used for both table and chair as a sitting area.Just look at the arrangement and you can make it easily.

15Create a sofa with bricks and wood

This sofa is simple to build you just need the piece of bricks of the same size which you need to arrange in a perfect shape and insert the wooden pieces in it to complete the sofa.You can use foam or anything else that makes you feel comfortable for your sitting area.

16Using Old Tyres

This is different from what we were sharing because in this project you need to use old tires to create your sitting area.You can put these tires anywhere in your house or garden if you don’t have any spare tires then you can buy used tires and create this beautiful sitting area.

17Patio Daybed

This daybed is created with patio with a side table it can be used for evening sleeps and relaxing when you are tired from your hectic work.Placing this bed in the garden or on the terrace will give you a relaxed atmosphere for a nice sleep.

These were 17 DIY Seating Ideas which you can use for gardens or put them anywhere in the house you like.Want to see more garden decoration check out DIY Flower Bed and try to make these projects by yourself.


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