3 Interior Colors & how it affects our mood in real life

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The house decor is the mirror image of one’s personality; his preferences, nature, and lifestyle are reflected merely by stepping into the house.

Likewise, colors also have the immense influence on our character and even mod. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that choice of colors is directly related to our mood. If we are happy we opt lively shades such as red and greens and vice versa.

Interior designers recommend pastel and nude shades for a room which you necessitate to be soothing as they depict peaceful and calmness. In the subsequent article, we will be analyzing three interior colors and how they affect our mood in real life.

3 Interior Colors That Affects Our Life


3 Interior Colours & how it affects our mood in real lifeLight pink, sky blue, lilac, and cream are all categorized under the pastel shades. The prominent advantage of these colors is they make the room look spacious. Pastels completely change the look of a small room. Furthermore, these shades depict the nature of the person it shows calmness and peaceful. Also, the person is assumed to be sober and quiet who opt for lighter tones. Light shade on walls and furniture with a small hint of colors gives a royal touch to the room.

Neutrals:3 Interior Colours & how it affects our mood in real life

Black, white, brown and grey fall under the category of neutral shades. These shades never fall out of fashion and colors represent the person’s taste. A hint of neutrals breaks the monotony of the color in the room likewise contributing a particular depth to the place. Interior designers label neutrals as the trustworthy alternative since they are eternally trendy. Moreover, Black and greys especially check design implement a simple yet sleek look to the atmosphere and the best part is these colors complement almost all the shades, simultaneously persuading their own class.

Red:3 Interior Colours & how it affects our mood in real life

Finally, comes up the duel meaning color red. I used the term Dual meaning because people concurrently adore and hate red. The color of love and happiness, Valentine’s Day is incomplete without red color. If consumed accurately, this shade provides the right amount of pop to the room, a pleasant and lively feeling about the owner’s nature. While on the other hand, red is the tone of depression, blood pressure and anxiety, maybe that’s the reason professionals avoid consuming it in bedrooms. The perfect mean to balance it out is by adding pastels or neutrals on one wall or in furniture.

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But concluding the decision is ultimately yours, leave a comment below telling us your favorite interior color and its effect on the mood.

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