Amazing Black Houses That Are Worth Seeing

You are gonna wonder how can anybody put a black exterior on their house? Did you never see one before? Well, today you are gonna see our collection with black color as their exteriors. Most people would like a white color of the exterior on their house because it looks good and attractive.

Some people go for bright colors like yellow, blue, silver etc. Burt have you ever seen your friends or relatives who have a house with the black exterior? You are probably wondering now how the black color will fit in the exterior? One thing you wanna hear, black color looks amazing and stunning if put it in the right way. You can not choose this color on your own. you have to hire an exterior designer to choose it and do it for you. Now people are moving towards black color as their exterior!

All persons are not brave enough to do something that has never been done before, but some are actually brave than others. People fear if we put a black color as exterior design, it will look bad and our friends will laugh at us. Believe us, if you choose it and design it in the right way, they will be forced to admire your house exterior. Most people thinks that black color is creepy because they saw in the movies that black is used for magic or witches use it to spell on someone, but we can not apply all that things in our real life. These houses we are going to show you today have humans owner just like the rest of us. So clear your mind and put a fresh look at these nice and amazing black exterior design houses!


The owners of this house came up with this name for their house. This house is located in Netherlands. The owners wanted to try something extraordinary and wanted something to look like a loft. This is just something i never saw in my entire life. I am sure you are forced to admire this house. The family wanted a modern and an elite touch with their house and they got it. They appreciated many times by their friends and guests. So tell us how a black exterior is looking to this?


This house was a special request from the clients to the construction company. They told the company they love music enough to design a house which give them a musical touch whenever they see it. So the company came up with house and design the exterior with black color. When the project completed, both parties called it a Music Box. If you are also a music lover and want something extraordinary, then this would be a fine choice for you. The family lives in this house are musicians so this is perfect for them. There is a piano room which wife uses to teach her students piano. There is also a studio where they both make their music.


This beautiful and unique house is located in Yucca Valley, California. The family wanted a unique and modern house far away from the noise and dusty life of city. The house in located in a valley tht is why we came up with this name. The house also give you a feeling of a beach because of the pool and sitting arrangements beside the pool. Black exterior with, glass windows and its unique geometric design is what making this place different from others.


This house is designed by a famous architect company named Jean Verville. They called it a Black Cabin. You are probably wondering now that how the family lives in it? It is looking small but it has a very wide space in the interior despite its challenging design. It is designed in this way that it looks small but it has a desired space in it. The family wanted to do something different so the company gave them this.


The house you saw before was the black cabin and this house goes by the name of The Black House. The family name it themselves. They do not have any children. This house is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina near the lake. So it has a very good view of the lake. The couple living there wanted to have a view of the lake. The house has two areas, one for themselves and the other for their friends!


This house is for those families who wants minimalist. This is located in Japan. The Japanese family wanted some thing that creates a space for a gallery in their house so the construction company made them this house and they were completely satisfied. This is looking like some one put a lot of black boxes together. But despite all of that, this looks stunning and unique!

So, now we showed you some designs with excellent black exteriors. We hope now the ambiguity in your mind about black color has been cleared and bravery is awaken in you to try out some new and unique thing. If you want a black color as your exterior then this collection will surely help you to select what’s best for you!

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