Convert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor

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Every homeowner wants something unique and extraordinary in his house decor. Interior designer can design your house with furniture, colors and right spacing. If you want to add something extra and creative in your interior design then you have to do it yourself.

It depends on your creativity. If you love to make things on your own then you can add some special effects to your home decor. For example a flower bed, hand made lanterns etc. What we are giving you today are some interesting ideas to design your home decor with some of your old magazines. Do you love to read magazines? If yes then we are sure you have a pile of a collection of old magazines and you want to get rid of it. Don’t just throw them out. Use some to add an extra charm and warmth in your house!

All it takes is just some creative thinking and passion for making something interesting. If you have a collection of old magazines then we can give you some ideas how to convert them into your home decor. You are done reading them again and again. If you want something new out of your old magazines then check out our gathered DIYs. These methods will help to recycle or convert your old magazines into your home decor.

You can use the whole magazine or some pages out of it. You can change the wall appearance by adding a wall art made of magazines or can try to make a bookshelf out of it. A bowl can also be made by the magazine for your little jewelry like earrings, lipstick or watch etc. So browse our different methods to recycle your old magazines and add an extra charm to the interior design of your house.

Old Magazines Usage Ideas


Convert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor

The bookshelf you are seeing above is not a random bookshelf. This is not designed by some mysterious interior designer. The homeowner of this house came up with the idea to use the old magazines to build a bookshelf in his house. This added a charm in his house. His every friend and guest loved it and appreciated it. So if you are looking for the same then you have to work hard and think creatively. Make this at the weekend because it will take much of your time. Yo have to do a lot of cutting and gluing to make this bookshelf.


Convert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor

If you want to make something to put some of your little but expensive things, then this will be a golden choice for you. Cut your old magazine in a shape of a bowl and put it on any place you want. For example, you can place it at your dressing to keep your watches, earrings, lipsticks or cuff links etc. Expensive things will look great in it because it is also looking expensive and unique!


Convert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor


You can come up with the idea to make a collage art for yourself. Just take every different word from different pages of your old magazines and then join them. You will get a beautiful collage. As you can see above, the homeowner of this house wanted something different in her bedroom so she came up with the idea of making a collage art out of her old magazines. Now you can see above how good it is looking. Imagine it in your bedroom!

MAGAZINE CLOCKConvert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor


You want an extraordinary clock in your home decor? here it is. The clock you are seeing above is made by some old magazines. The girl who made it is an artist. It changed the look of the wall. It is some thing very unique. For this design, you have to be an artist and skillful. But if not, you can also make it on your own. You just have to invest some time and do some hard work. This is a very good recycling method to use your old magazines to add something extra to your home decor!

ADD A MAGAZINE VASE IN HOME DECORConvert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor


The person who made this vase out of his old magazines thought out of the box. This will look very great in your house decor. you can put it in your dining room or in the kitchen or in your living room to enhance the beauty of your interior design. If you want this vase then you have to roll out some of your old magazines and then stick them together with a glue or other binding material.

CERAMIC TILESConvert Your Old Magazines In to Home Decor


In order to make ceramic tiles from your old magazines, you need to collect some beautiful pages from magazines. you can collect different and beautiful scenery pictures from them. After collecting the beautiful scenery styles from the magazines, Modge Podge them on ceramic tiles. It will look great when finished. Then you can easily put them on some of your house walls or can hang on the top side of your dressing mirror. It will give you a charm. This in an excellent way to convert some of your old magazines into your house decor.

Now you can easily add some extra designing in your house decor because we provided some best ideas to convert your old magazines into house decor. So if you are willing, you can make one of this design at this weekend!

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