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DIY storage ideas with everyday items found in your home

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Save up the extra money that you unnecessarily spend on store items because they will more often than not end up catching dust and ultimately end up in the trash can. Rather, look for unused jars, frames, and chipped crockery lying in your houses because we are pretty sure we all have that situation going on somewhere in our homes at all times.

With some DIY uplift, you can use these simple items so manage your space more efficiently and clean up the mess.

Unused and recycled jars are it jam, pickles or preserved food jars, once washed and cleaned, they can make amazing and chic storage jars for things such as accessories and beauty products. They can also be used to better organize your kids’ school utensils and accessories that they are often losing here and there.

Moreover, chipped or old crockery can make an elegant and delicate piece to store your jewelry, especially the smaller ones that you end up losing all the time. You can do so much more with these things so read ahead to find out more!

Repurposing old jars

We have numerous jars of either Nutella or pickles or even jams lying around our houses all the time which often end up in the waste cans. Spray paint of either glass paint these jars with the patterns and colors of your choices to make them look chic and fun.DIY storage ideas with everyday items found in your home

Moreover, you can also decorate them with rhinestones and ribbons to make them extra fun and cute for kids. Stationery items like pencils, pencil, etc. can be store in these jars for kids for better organization. Moreover, for ladies, makeup brushes, mascaras, and other such things can be stored into these jars.

Repurposing old crockery

Have unused and incomplete sets of vintage and old crockery lying uselessly around your house? Well, their time has come! Take those fancy crockery items and place them onto your vanity and dressing table to give an otherworldly elegance and changed look.DIY storage ideas with everyday items found in your home

Place your everyday bracelets, watches, necklace, ear studs, and even bobby pins for easy access to save up the extra time and effort to find your favorite accessories. Place smaller items like rings and ear studs into teacups while things like bobby pins and bracelets can be placed into saucers for easy peek and use.

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