DublDom 2.110: In 10 Days, A Rustic House Was Installed In Russia

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On account of the progression of innovation, home planners additionally made sense of how to construct homes in a fast and simple way. There are as of now particular homes which are worked off site and are recently conveyed to the range once done. Isn’t that noteworthy? Aside from being secluded in nature, many homes nowadays are likewise outlined in light of the earth. Along these lines, nature is not harmed amid development and there are numerous characteristic components in the home. This is the thing that you will find in the house that we will include today!


The venture is called DublDom 2.110 since it is based the measured home DublDom that was introduced in the zone in 2015. The proprietors who live in suburbia of Moscow on Pirogovo lake needed a greater home for the youngsters and staff after their effective involvement with the minimized 40m2 DublDom house. Henceforth, this venture is a moment release of the particular home. The outline of the house depends on a basic innovation and economical materials. It is likewise in view of the nature of design at a reasonable cost.

Due to the area of the house, its front veneer has a great number of glazing. The specialized and utility rooms are situated in the back range. Different ranges of the house like the kids’ room, office, fundamental passageway and the family room with chimney give an awesome perspective of the water. The house is made with a metal profile, outbuilding board, and glass which mix with the indigenous habitat. In the meantime, it is straightforward and reasonable. Then, the inside utilizes strong pine and is painted white. All modules used to make the expansion were pre-assembled at Dubldom generation in Kazan. It landed at the site together with the inside trim, shrouded utilities, furniture and electrical hardware inside. The establishment work was done in 10 days with negligible interruption to the site and the earth. Isn’t that great?

Location: Pirogovo Lake, Russia

Designer: Ivan Ovchinnikov of BIO Architects

Style: Modern Rustic

Number of Floors: One

Unique feature: An augmentation of a particular home which is made of pre-assembled materials.


It has metal confining consolidated with stable board and glass which makes it fitting with the encompassing condition. Around the house has tall trees and even some enormous rocks.

While the veneer has coated glass on it, the left and right parts of the home’s outside utilized wood and in addition glass entryways and windows. As should be obvious here, the plan and the materials utilized as a part of the house truly consolidate well with the encompassing!


The interior design of the house is designed by Anastasia Sokolova. It is shrouded in pine which is painted white. The fundamental territory has an open floor arrange wherein the living space and eating space is characterized through range mats!

Isn’t this an extremely decent interior design designed by an extraordinary great interior designer? Aside from the shades of the carpets, everything is very much orchestrated including the furniture and grill.


Off the principle living and kitchen area is this hallway. It prompts the principle room with an en-suite, a child’s room, a visitor room, a storage space and second washroom. This isn’t an exhausting or dull corridor at all since it has a range floor covering like that in the feasting region and there are plants as well.


By the feasting range and nearby one divider is the home’s kitchen. It highlights light wood cupboards that line the wall. Aside from the pendant lights in the zone, there is likewise sky facing windows that surge the range with common light!

This is the floor plan of the house which highlights how the diverse regions of the house are disseminated.

All things considered, in spite of all the present day plants nowadays, a house with a rural vibe still doesn’t look old particularly if the plan has a cutting edge slant simply like this house we have today. It is truly pleasant to see a home with a plan that has that normal feel for it, particularly in the event that it is situated in a region where trees can be found.

This house is a venture by BIO Architects and in light of its flawless and great yield, we can state that the fashioners truly put their heart into the outline. Yes, it is evident that they didn’t do it for procuring however they ensured that they do it with a heart. Once an architect does this, everything will most likely turn out truly incredible! No big surprise this provincial current Russian home looks exceptionally comfortable, genial and alluring. What’s more, what made this considerably more amazing is its particular outline and how it mixes with the regular habitat!

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