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Elegant Shelves Designs Of Bathroom You Will Admire

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Bathroom is the place needed by every one to perform some personal activities. If the environment and the material used in the interior design of the bathroom will be pleasing then the homeowner can feel relax while shaving or taking a bath etc. Every room in a house or an apartment has its own uses for an open shelf or a shelving unit. In fact, in the bathroom alone there are tons of ways in which to use wall shelves. We’ll explore some of those options while also showcasing a few stylish and interesting bathroom shelf ideas and designs. As expected, the possibilities are numerous and very diverse!

Every bathroom has the different architecture design and due to it, the spacing is different in every bathroom. We have to store some personal things in our bathroom. The storage options for every bathroom may be different but we can design our bathroom according to our taste and needs. The bathroom is the place which needs our personal touch. The storage options for the bathroom can be shelves, cabinets, and other things. But the shelves looks great in the bathroom. It looks elegant and it is also less expensive than cabinets. There is a vanity in the market now which comes with the complete package. But there will be nothing wrong if you want to optimize your bathroom with some shelves.

Shelving is the best if you have a less space in your bathroom. The great thing is that it can be designed in many ways while the cabinets can not. Allow us to show you some of the finest designs we have gathered for you. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or to put a storage place then this article will show you how to do it effectively and efficiently!


This bathroom is an example of simplicity and creativity. The interior designer showed his talent by creating this great shelves. If you want your bathroom wall to show the decorating things rather than empty then this is a great idea of shelving you can choose. This is also applicable in bathrooms with less space!


The shelf in this bathroom is made of wood. The white color on the walls and the dark color of the wooden shelf are looking great. If you want to customize your bathroom with wash basin instead of sinks then this is the best design we have for you to place the shelf in your bathroom. Go for the open shelf rather than a bulk of vanity!


If you want to place all your make-up things in your bathroom then put small shelves in your bathroom for them. The big items like a tub can be placed in the sink. The shampoo bottles and other things like this can be hidden in the cabinet!


Some people like to design their bathroom big. This is the design for them. If you have a big space in your bathroom and you are willing to share your walls with the idea of shelving then this will be the best design for your bathroom. This design will cover your walls with shelves. The main thing which you have to keep it in mind while opting this design to accommodate it with the same features it needed to look perfect.


The shelving design you are seeing above is the geometric idea the interior designer took from Mathematics. There is a nice combo placed between the shelves and the cabinets. The color of shelves and the bottom color of cabinets is same. This is the perfect design for your bathroom if you are looking to design your bathroom in a modern way!

Each bathroom would require a different type of shelves according to space and taste. Some people use bend shelves. This relies on the design and accessibility of space in your bathroom. Anyway, there are many different things which can be used to store stuff in the bathroom. So, which one of the above you like the most?

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