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Innovative Loft Design Which Every One Should See

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A loft design always has some flexibility in it. The interior of the loft almost remains same always. The sleeping area or the home office always placed on the mezzanine level of the main floor in the loft, because mezzanine level usually has some extra space.

But what we want to show you has nothing to do with mezzanine level or a sleeping area. Imagine some unique ideas in your mind to design the loft. Whatever you thought would be awesome but when you the loft design below, you will be forced to admire it. This was not an easy design but the architects from Smartvoll did it.

There was a competition between architects to design the interior of a loft and the architects who designed this won the competition. This loft is a Salzburg, Austria. It has a wide space of 350 square meters in total. The task in the competition was to create an image in their mind and to design the loft in some unique and a creative way.

So they come up with the sculptural staircase at the center of the apartment. This staircase gives a dramatic and pleasant atmosphere to the loft. The guests would also admire by this concept. It was a unique concept and that is why they won the competition.

Focal Point

The staircase architectures designed creates a dramatic atmosphere. The entire loft depends upon the staircase. The staircase is the focal point of entire loft. The kitchen area was placed under the sculptured staircase. There are fluid lines and also a touch of soft angles in this staircase. Due to this touch, it looks like an industrial shell. The whole point of designing this staircase was to create a focus of everyone on this rather than entire loft.

There is a futuristic vibe in this very new and unique design which gives an industrial charm to the loft. No one had done it before. They were artists and possessed creative thinking so that’s why they were able to make this.


We always want our apartment, our house, our loft to look different and entirely unique than others. So we can get appreciation by others. This loft is an example of great uniqueness. Architecture who designed this thought very uniquely while designing this. They decided to exposed the brick walls as it is and they put concrete on the floor to give it a new and a unique look. This tells that the materials they used were pure and bare. They also ignored the glamor of modern designs doing so.

They do not just design this staircase unique. If you see all the collection then you will know that this characteristic of uniqueness is in the entire loft. They designed it this way. but our first look goes towards the staircase because it is being spread to the entire loft.

The exposed walls are brightening the look of a concrete floor. Together they are giving a warmth and pleasant industrial charm. They decorate it with minimum furniture. The main focus was on the materials and space. This suggests that perhaps the architects just focused on the interior and avoided the exterior. But this is not the case. They made a balance between them. This is why this project won the competition.

The kitchen is being placed under the roof of the staircase by the architects. The staircase is dividing the roof into two parts. They made everything simple. They used concrete, wood, and glass in designing this loft.

If you have a loft and you wish to design it in a unique way that everyone would love, then this is where your search ends!

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