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Modern Wooden DIY Planters For Your Home

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If you are looking to add some plants in your home then trust me you are doing the very right thing for yourself. The reason is that of adding plants in our garden we can make our home more beautiful and can give a nature’s touch to our house. Plants are not the only thing which is vital in the decoration of your home or garden, Planters plays the most crucial role for decoration also. The first thought comes to mind about planter is what material we should use for it? We have concrete, marble, plastic etc. The best and effective material for planters is wood. Wood is the material which can be molded into any shape and it is not a daily wear and tear material. If used properly, can give an unimaginable design and ambiance to our house!

Today we are gonna give you do it yourself wooden planter. To help you with the wooden planter we discovered wonderful instructional exercises. Wooden planter serves its purpose best when placed search in the garden or at the patio. They fit with the green environment and make the garden considerably more wonderful. That is the reason you ought to begin making some of this wooden planter.

They are anything but difficult to make and shoddy as well. You can make them out of old drawers, beds or old wooden seat. Likewise, it will be exceptionally marvelous in the event that you can make a wooden planter out of wooden logs and plants some brilliant flowers or plants in them. So feast your eyes with our collected designs of Modern Wooden DIY Planters For Your Home!

Modern Wooden DIY Planters


This first design in the list is the most amazing wooden planter I have ever seen. Look how they use a sophisticated way to design it with a copper wire. This little one can easily be adjusted anywhere. Your dining table or a table in your living room or a side table of your bed.


Isn’t it admirable? Just ignore the letter “Love” for a minute and take a look on miniature objects selected to grow the beauty of this wonderful DIY wooden planter.


This one is a perfect shape of geometric design wooden planter. See the shape is totally based on a rectangle. The homeowner who made this did not want any hexagon paint so he gave it a geometric shape!


Aren’t these lovely? Yes, sure these are! This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make a wooden planter. You just have to take some wooden bowls and paint the upper side of them with your desired colors. After that, put the plants in those bowls!


If you are a succulent lover then this design would be adorable to you. The homeowner who made this for his home was also a lover of small plants. If you want this type of small wooden planter then you can put succulents or candles or some other plants in it to create a beauty in your garden!

After seeing this list of Modern Wooden DIY Planters, I am sure you would not have to go elsewhere. Your search ends here! If you are looking to make a wooden planter on your own, I am sure the above designs inspired you to make some like these. Can you tell me which one of the above really inspired you to have a wooden planter in your home?

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