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Refresh Your Home With These 15 Repainted Furniture Ideas

Repainted furniture provides freshness to the overall interior you should refresh the paint when needed or wanted to make a change.

Repainting a furniture is an art which is done on need or if you want a change in colors of your furniture.It can be done by experts or it’s better to try it by yourself.

Furniture needs repaint when it comes off age or when something happened to it or you want to have a change.Because furniture colors can change the overall look of your interior you should choose those colors which will suit your choice.

Brown, black and white are the most common colors of furniture but there are more color schemes that you should try to give a new and fresh look to your room interiors.

You don’t need to repaint every furniture just choose those which you think are needed to be changed like door color or wardrobe color.

Repainted Furniture Ideas

To make things easier for you today we have 15 Repainted Furniture Ideas which will help you to choose the best colors and type of furniture you need to repaint.

1.Changing Colors and Decorating Dressing Table

Repainted Furniture Ideas

By default dressing tables are in brown or light colors but you can repaint it in according to your personal favorite color and decorate it in your own way.Like above dressing table is in light blue and drawers have the names of the person who it belongs.

2.Retro-inspired floral design dresser

Repainted Furniture Ideas

Dressers and dressing tables are itself piece of retro an vintage item which is still being used nowadays in different colors and prints.If you have an old dresser you can paint it in floral patterns to make it more colorful and useful.

3.Blue Painted Buffet

Repainted Furniture Ideas

This is another piece of antique which you can reuse by repainting it into beautiful color like blue it is done by spray you can use brush also.Spray colors are used more because it looks clean and its easy to do.You can decorate it by putting the useful things that add beauty to your room.

4.Funky Game Table and Chair Set

Repainted Furniture Ideas

You can use your old table and turn it into a chess table by coloring chess pattern on to it.You can use any type of old chairs and use the colorful patterns to make them more attractive.

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5.White Chalk Clay Paints on French Dresser

Repainted Furniture Ideas

French dresser is by default in light shades you can even make it more lighter by using chalk clay paints which will make them look in natural colors.There are other color options available but you should try this combo.

6.Orange Retro Dresser

Repainted Furniture Ideas

This dresser looks similar to #2 but it’s in plain color this is for those who have an old dresser in their house and wanted to do a makeover on it.Orange and white combination will give new life to your old dresser.

7.Red Milk Paint on Buffet

Repainted Furniture Ideas

This buffet is looking gorgeous in red milk paint you can try variations of it if you don’t have the exact same color but we would suggest finding the exact same color so you can add more beauty to your room.

8.Ombre Chest color of Drawers

Repainted Furniture Ideas

You can use several shades of the same color to bring a colorful combo on a piece of furniture.Here you can see a combination of green which is done on chest of a drawers in a clean way without any funky designs.

9.Yellow paint on old table 

Repainted Furniture Ideas

This is an old study table which you can use as a computer table or table for home office with just doing yellow color you have refresh it and it can be used in many different ways.

10.Yellow orange combo for old chair

Repainted Furniture Ideas

You can use orange and yellow color mixed to make a beautiful color like the one you are seeing in the image which is used to paint an old chair.But if you are choosing this color make sure to color some other furniture items in this color also.

11.Old Yellow Cabinet

Repainted Furniture Ideas

These cabinets still are used some people buy them for kids you can color it in complete yellow if you have other furniture items in yellow or in any other contrasting colors.Yellow may look awkward for some of you because normally you see brown for these cabinets but trying yellow will refresh its complete look.

12.Pink Dresser

Repainted Furniture Ideas

If you have an old dresser and want to refresh it for a girl in your house then use pink color because it’s for girls and it will add more beauty to your old furniture.

13.Use wrapping paper with paints on dresser

Repainted Furniture Ideas

This old dresser is turned into beauty by using paint in stripes and bold flowers from wrapping papers.It’s a simple color combination but looking great because of the added flowers made from wrapping paper.

14.Use Cream Pink on old table

Repainted Furniture Ideas

You can use this old table in many ways it can become your dresser or you can put your other useful things inside it.Because it’s a table so you can put other useful things like some decorations on it too which are used in your daily life.

15.Chalk Finish Paint Dresser

Repainted Furniture Ideas

You can turn your old dressing table into new one by coloring it with chalk colors this color may not give attractive look but its better to use if you are in budget and have lot’s of old furniture that needed to be colored.

These 15 Repainted Furniture Ideas will give new life to your old furniture items most of these are dressing tables and dressers because we thought it might be useful if you turn your old dressers into new one.You can use same colors on other furnitures like table, sofas and chairs also.


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