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Modern Dining Room With Perfect Glass Tables

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Whenever we talk about the dining room, it’s not only about eating. It’s about spending some quality time with friends and family while eating. The purpose will be fulfilled when all the persons sitting in the dining room would feel relax and comfortable. That is something every homeowner want to do, to create a peaceful environment. The furniture should be comfier because that is where you all will set during the meal prepping or serving.

When we put up the idea of a glass table in the dining room, it did not mean the whole table will be made of glass. You can design it with your needs. You can purchase a table with wooden legs and glass at the top. The design is totally up to you. The glass tables usually have glass only at the top and the remaining furniture would be made of metal, wood, ceramics and timber.

The one thought that comes to everyone’s mind that is it safe to put a glass table in our dining room? Because we have kids. So the new interior designers found a solution for this. Nowadays they are using tempered safety glass in the making of glass tables.

The glass tables usage is increasing day by day because of its features. One of them is you can choose whatever style you want for your dining room. The second one is that they easily match able with any of your chairs and crockery. Look at some of the lovely and amazing glass table designs we gathered for you. Make your choice and enjoy!


The designers used Ronderos advise to create a big place for the dining room in this house of Miami. His advice was “make sure mirrors reflects something pretty.” You can not tell how much storage the interior designer kept here. One of the doors is for concealed storage and the other beside it, is the sink to wash hands.


This design will give a feeling like you are sitting on a beach and drinking your favorite soda. This design is looking good because the whole place was designed in white color. So if you wanna opt this, make sure your dining room contains a white color.


The above design is the house in New York. They had a dark bamboo color for the floor that’s why the interior designer put a white glass table and furniture to make it attractive. The round style table enhanced the charm and warmth in the dining room.


This interior design in Los Angeles is designed to enjoy an open environment. Natural light is very necessary for some food but we can not get any natural light in wrong weather. So the family in Los Angeles came up with this design in their dining room. We can see outdoor as well can get the natural light.

The design you are seeing above is one of our favorite because of its unique nature. This is the dining room of a family living in Philadelphia. The structure and design of the chair are great. The chair is painted with aluminum color. The seat and back of the chair are made of leather with same aluminum color. The company who made this would also make all the chair with leather if anyone wants.

We hope we gave you enough ideas now to design your dining room with glass tables. Your worries of how they will look in your dining room should convert into satisfaction. So make your choice and choose the best glass table for your place!

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