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Ceiling Mirrors Over Bed That Will Take Your Attention

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Ceiling Mirrors Over Bed is one of the vintage trend that is now being used in modern bedrooms check out the gallery and see how mirror on top can change the room look.

You must have seen in the old movies of 60’s and 70’s that ceiling mirrors was common in almost every bedroom now this trend have come back to life in modern interior category.Ceiling mirrors make the bedroom modern and glamorous in design and art work.

It can also increase amount of light entering into the room first you need to think of your safety when you are placing mirrors on the top of your head.Because if its not well adjusted it can fall down when you are sleeping and you may have severe accident.

Ceiling Mirrors Over Bed

In the old days it was heavy mirrors but now acrylic replacements are available which are light weight and will have the same type of look.There are three types of mirrors that can be adjusted on the ceiling one is classic mirrors covering the ceiling others are several smaller mirrors covering the ceiling and tiles of mirror which are one of the most secure mirrors you can have.

These are easy to install and made from lightweight synthetic materials if you like classic interior then you can opt for classic style mirrors on the top but remember for safety first it should be properly installed with safety measures.

Such type of mirrors are glued to surface that is wooden or of some other kind which is first screwed in the ceiling so it can hold the mirror.Once the mirror is sealed you need to fix its frame also so it can hold everything tight it may come with the mirror or buy it.

Ceiling Mirrors Over Bed

Other types of ceiling mirrors can be adjust in more simple and secure way these are not only for the bedrooms you can have them on living room,dining room,business meeting rooms etc.Modern homes have different floors that will be reflecting in the mirror and will have a more stylish effect so check out these Ceiling Mirrors Over Bed inspirations and get some ideas.

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