Modern Extant Homes On A Hill Worth Seeing

If you have a place which is located on hilly areas and you are worried how to utilize that into your living house, then today in this post you will find the best solution. Architects and builders always like a challenging situation. The houses in the steep area can be challenging but you will be wondered to see what we have here. These homes are some of the best examples of the hilly area’s buildings. You can not only build a place for living in the hill area but you can also design it with some beauty. The list of homes located in the hilly areas are not just some ordinary houses, they actually stand out!

Houses built in these areas are always very challenging for architects and builders to design but they always find the way to make it work. What you are about to see are the examples of some great houses built in hilly areas. You will be appraised to see these beautiful buildings. These houses were made of various materials combination. The modern and creative architects have some unimaginable talents these days. The same architects made some of these extant houses we gather up for you. So browse our collection and give your eyes a fresh look of some masterpieces!


This is something irresistible for everyone. No one could remain without admiring this beauty. The area of the house was steep at one end and steady at the other end. That is why the house is higher at one end. The designer has done his job very well. Materials used to remodel this house are stones, glass, steel etc. The interior designer also played his card very well in giving the house the exact lighting system it needs. The landscaping is also adorable.


The house is located in the hilly area of San Francisco. I think this house does not need any appraisal words because it is telling its story with its design. This an exemplary job was done by the architects as well as the builders. The exterior is designed with wood which is giving a perfect look the house. The modern and unique glass windows are creating a dramatic environment!


The topography in this area is weird. You can see this house is looking lower than other buildings. The interior designer played with multi colors when designing the interior of this house. We can see as many colors we want. The sitting area made in front of the house looks gorgeous. Despite all the colors, the house does not look noisy. It actually shows an art of the creative and a modern architect!


This was a very steep area, The architects and the builder who remodeled this house said this was a one of the rare situation for us. The homeowner requested to design the house using the materials according to his need and taste. They worked hard and this is what they come up with!


This house belongs to Richwood family. They were worried how to make a living house in this hilly area. They hired some local contractors and this what they made for them. Isn’t it awesome? in my opinion, it is! The touch of stairs and a balcony created extraordinary beauty for this house. The design of the garage looks perfect at the bottom of the hill.


The house looks perfect as it is. The stunning exterior look came from the cedar used by the designer with a semi-solid stain. The stairs look great at the hilly area. What the designer did with the plants is making a perfect environment. Do you agree?

So what to do now? You can hire or consult with some expert contractors to build a house for at the place you own on the hilly areas. Although, there is another option. Hire a contractor and choose the best inspirational design for your place from above and make him design it. We are sure now it will be easy for you to build or remodel your house located in the hilly areas. Good Luck!

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