Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

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Industrial Home are inspirational and stunning there are plenty of ideas available using old industrial things but today we are going to show you how a complete Industrial home looks like.

If you don’t know what Industrial home design is then you can guess the designs from its name that is “Industrial” which must give you an idea that something will be related to the industry.Industrial homes will give you the outlook of a vintage old home that is in industry.

It might be in the old industry but it is no more a working industry because old industrial buildings are nowadays converted to homes to use the empty place that is left behind.

Some people don’t like the complete Industrial design so they just use some small parts of it like in Storage Shelves designing and Office Desk Designs.But if you are curious about how a complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior looks like then scroll down to read more about it.

Industrial Home Designs

Living inside an Industrial home will give you an amazing feeling because you will be inside a vintage style home which you must have seen in war movies.This type of interior is definitely for the old history lovers it may not be related to any historic event but since we have seen in war-related movies how people were living in these types of industries and homes.

Industrial Home Exterior

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

Outside view will give you old building look converted to modern design but this is only for those buildings which were once an industry.If you are going to build a custom industrial home with the modern design then outside view of the house will be more like modern houses you see nowadays.

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

The above image is a purpose built an industrial home which is giving both modern feeling and vintage look but the image above this one is an industry converted to a home.So now you have an idea about how an industrial home looks like from outside in both purpose built and converted home.

Industrial Home Living Room

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

This type of living room may give you a feeling of old garage but you can add modern furniture into it to make more comfortable for you.Just like the exterior, we have shown interior will be also of two types one will be purpose-built which will include modern designs and one will be the converted like the one you are seeing in the above image.

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

This is modern industrial living room as you can see no extra thing is done just some modern furniture is used and its wide open which will give you relaxed feeling and you can enjoy the surroundings of your house while sitting in this room.

Industrial Bathroom Designs

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

In bathroom interior, you will see plenty of different designs some are designed using old industrial materials and some are designed with modern materials that are converted to industrial designs.You can use this bathroom interior in your modern homes also to have something different in your home.

Industrial Bedroom Designs

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

A Bedroom should be quiet and its interior should give you relaxed feeling so you can sleep well.On interiordesignsweb you must have seen lots of bedroom designs that gives you pleasure to sleep and live.Industrial bedrooms will give you relaxed feeling because of their darker shades and materials used in the industrial buildings.

You can use modern materials to give your room some beauty use different paint colors if you want because industrial buildings does not require much paint job because of their construction style.Lightning can be used modern but to have the industrial feeling old materials are used for lightning the room.

Industrial Kitchen Designs

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

Industrial kitchens have lots of space for storage furniture is also strong because of strong industrial materials.You can customize your industrial kitchen into any type because there are plenty of things you can try to make your kitchen more special for you.

Industrial Dining Room

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

Industrial Dining rooms are simple and stylish they don’t require too many things to design a dining room you can decorate it with just simple things.A simple dining room have a table and chairs around you can have it for any design but consider the industrial design in your mind so choose tables which have some kind of metal around it.If you can find a complete table in metal then its best for the industrial design.

Have a coffe or eat something with your friends and family in one of the most exciting designs for your dining room and leave the WoW effect on your guests.

Industrial Kids Room

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

This part is only for those who have kids in their houses you can skip this if you don’t have kids in your house.

Industrial kids room gives your children an oppertunity to think and feel the interior because there are lots of accessories which will inspire them.If your kid wanted to be an writer then he/she can get inspired from the sorroundings and write something which makes him/her inspire.

Kids room in the industrial category is pretty basic not much fancy and colorful things will be seen just simple and natural elements that will make your kids comfortable and exciting because of the interior.

Industrial Home Office

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior Ideas

Like kids room this is again an optional room which some you might not need it.

The image shown is a basic industrial home office with all the accessories and furniture in industrial design.Its something different of what we shared earlier because it had everything in industrial design and not mixed with other modern accesories.

If you are a die hard fan of industrial design and want to have the real feel of the industrial interior then you should have office same like shown above.Its pretty basic and simple and have all the necessary things that you would like to have while working from home.

You can customize it to your needs by having some modern funiture and accesories that makes you feel comfortable and looks attractive too.

Complete Industrial Home Interior and Exterior can’t be complete in one post because there are many ideas available some are constructed using other mixed materials and some are constructed using basic things.Because at the end it will depend how you feel and what you want these were just basic ideas there are many more which we will share in our other posts.

You can also enjoy the other complete home design that we have shared in Rustic Home Interior and Exterior post. 

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