Simple pieces that add vintage look to your house

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All of us have a vintage soul living somewhere within us at all times and there is no point in shying away from it. Vintage stuff has its own grace class to add to the aura it is placed in.

It tends to add more comfort and warmth to a house and makes it seem like a safe space because we all pretty much refer to our grandparent’s home whenever we come across vintage goods because often we find such stuff lying around there.

Luckily for us, the hunt is not that hard as many interior designing brands in Pakistan have started adding the vintage look to their furniture and have come up with some extremely delicacies and graceful pieces.

We have picked some of our personal favorites that we believe contribute largely to changing the overall look of a room or a house!

Vintage mechanical lampsSimple pieces that add vintage look to your house

Let’s be honest, the setting of your lighting at home tends to affect the overall mood of your house and if it is set right, it can do wonders and so little can contribute so much to your comfort and color contrast.

These vintage lamps have always been seen to stay in trend whether it be a presidential formal theme or a mechanical Afropunk theme of a place. These lamps fit right into the mood and can alleviate the overall look of a place.

Small metal table pedestal fansSimple pieces that add vintage look to your house

This piece rings so many vintage Mughal bells into our minds and brings back those simpler times when such fans were a part of every household, not for fashion, but as a necessity.

These fans are the epitome of how simple is more beautiful. You can add these fans to either your working desk or place it into your home library to instantly turn the look around.

Giant chandeliersSimple pieces that add vintage look to your house

These chandeliers surely remind us of grand balls or old Britain times during the roaring 20s when royalty and glam were at its peak. A delicate chandelier can instantly add so much grace and glam to any room you place it in and make it look all formal and luxurious.

For a smaller room, round-shaped chandeliers are perfect whereas, for a hall or a sitting area, a rectangular shaped chandelier will add so much for the class to it.

Statement mirrorsSimple pieces that add vintage look to your house

These mirrors have been around for centuries now, be it British ballrooms or grand Mahals, these delicacies were always placed all over the walls in different sizes and styles.

Nowadays, even a greater variety of these mirrors are available in either wooden carved border or metal molded ones or some are even made out of synthetic material giving it all the real look.

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Simply add these mirrors into space to see it transform into something chic and moreover, adding mirrors also gives any space a bigger effect.

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