Hardwood Floor Inspirational Designs And Cleaning Techniques

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What makes our house perfect? Design? Furniture? Interior design? Nothing can make our house perfect unless it is clean. While thinking about the perfect house, it is mandatory to decorate it perfect things. We do everything in our power to make our house perfect like construct it in a beautiful way, put an excellent quality of furniture in our house.

The main thing remains is what type of floor should we make for our house? Many persons go for the marble floor or concrete floor. Others put any type of floor and then put a carpet over it. But in both cases, we need to clean both types of floors on daily basis otherwise floor look dirty and guests hesitate to enter in our house. The best solution for this problem is to choose a hardwood floor for your house. It does not matter how beautifully you designed your house, if you do not clean it properly it will look dirty and uninvited!

Hardwood floor is the best option for anyone who is looking for a better solution for flooring. It can create an exceptional look for your house. One area of the house that needs daily cleansing is flooring because if we do not clean it on regular basis then the dust will accumulate and then we have to clean it very hard. If you are looking for a change, then we recommend you to opt a hardwood flooring.

The reason behind this is, it will totally change the look of your house. And also give your house a charm and pleasant environment. We normally wash out every floor or clear the dust with a vacuum cleaner. But the cleaning technique of hardwood floor is different than others. We will tell you how to clean it. First, you take a look at some inspirational and extraordinary designs of hardwood flooring.


The kitchen is the place where water is used in excess. So we have to be careful about our floor because sometimes water or any other thing can be spilled on the floor. Then it will damage our floor. If we use waterproof hardwood floor then it should be beneficial for us because the floor will not be damaged.

The first step in cleaning the hardwood floor in the right way to use a vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment. It can easily clear the dust from the floor.


When do we think bathroom flooring? it comes to our mind why we need a hardwood floor in our bathroom? It is because it will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. You can check out the above bathroom designed with the hardwood flooring. how is it looking? Great! then how will it look in your bathroom? Imagine!

The second technique to clean a hardwood floor is to come up with a mixture of water and pH neutral mild soap. Then spill it on your floor and simply clean it with a mop. If you want to excess moisture on the floor then use microfiber with a mop to get it.


A bedroom is the only place in our house we like to design only for our self. Because it provides us with great pleasure and relaxation. A bedroom designed according to our needs can give us an exemplary good night sleep. Therefore it is necessary to put a right floor in it. If you have a simple bedroom design like the one above then you should put a hardwood floor with the color which matches with the interior design of your room. It would enhance the beauty of your bedroom in the way you can not imagine. Also, it will give a charm to your room.

The third and very simple technique to clean a hardwood floor by purchasing a wood cleaner according to the wood of your floor. This is the easiest way to clean a wood floor.


In Japan, they totally make their house with wood. They don’t believe on concrete or perhaps they don’t like it. If you ever visited Japan then maybe you experienced a staircase with hardwood. It gives a unique look to our stairs. Also are very comfortable to climb up or down. The benefit of a hardwood staircase is that we do not feel tired even if climb up 50 stairs whereas we will feel tired if we climb up 20 marble made stairs. You can see the above design of hardwood stairs. It is looking very good with hardwood flooring. So if you have a wood floor then you should also put up a hardwood staircase because it will make your staircase look great.

Another method to clean a hardwood floor is to make a solution of tea bags and boiling water. Now take a clean cloth and dump it in that solution you made. Then clean the floor with this solution by using a mop. It will give you floor a lovely shine.


The living room is the place where we use to hang out with our friends and family. normally it is the first room of our house. We attend every guest there. Parties are also given in the living room. It is important to choose a good interior design for our living room. It would create a pleasant and charming atmosphere in the room. guests would also love to sit there and enjoy! If you have a good interior design in your living room then we suggest you put a hardwood floor in it. It will create a dramatic and desired environment. You and your family & friends will enjoy more than before. You can see a hardwood flooring design in the living room above! How is it looking? And now imagine your living room with this type of flooring.

If you are worried that there would be scratches in the floor if you choose a hardwood flooring then we have a very simple way to get rid of those scratches. You just need a crayon with the same color as your floor. Now rub it until it fills the gap. The next step is to dry it with high heat. The scratches will be gone after drying!


The dining room is the place where we take almost our every meal. And we wait there while food is prepping and served. It will be good if you put up a nice floor there too. The dining room is where you would entertain your guests. Make them a coffee or offer them any food. Then if you have a good flooring then it would create an atmosphere you want to have. Just take a one close look to the dining room flooring above and think of it as yours.

We hope we gave you more than enough hardwood floor inspirational designs to change your random floor to beautiful hardwood floors. These designs inspired you or not? We also told you how to clean up your hardwood floors which will be a great help for both guys who want this type of floor or who already have. So make your best choice!

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