Work desks don’t have to be boring! 5 Best Ideas

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All of us have a work desk whether it is at work or a home-based job or even as a student. Most of our time, especially the weekdays, are spent on these desks as we work hard to get that bread.

But not necessarily these desks have to be boring and simple. Go around and have fun with your work desks and add more style to them which may in turn even raise your productivity levels. We have brought some way for you that you can turn your basic work desk into something for creative and cozy!

Succulents or indoor plantsWork desks don’t have to be boring! 5 Best Ideas

It is a scientifically proven fact that when we surround ourselves with the greens and more oxygen levels, our productivity levels go up by large. Who says you can’t some nature to yourself while you are inside? Stack up some small plants in your work surface to make your space for fun and to simultaneously make the air quality better.

Candies or snacksWork desks don’t have to be boring! 5 Best Ideas

We all get pretty bored while getting done with heaps of work in a day. Sometimes we need to munch and nibble onto something to help concentrate better and make our already boring work less boring. Add some candies or small snacks onto your desk or in your desk drawers and indulge in some easy munching.

Moreover, sometimes when no one else rewards you for doing loads of work in much less time, go ahead and reward yourself with some delicious candies.

Quotation FramesWork desks don’t have to be boring! 5 Best Ideas

To go through those five hectic days and to wait for Friday to finally arrive, we all need a daily dose of motivation to keep ourselves sane and focused.

Either pin some motivational quotes onto your soft board or add some hip and colorful frames with quotes written on them to not just stay motivated when you look at them but to make your work desk also look more interesting.

Aesthetic LampsWork desks don’t have to be boring! 5 Best Ideas

Most of our workspaces have those white bright lights drilled into the ceilings which automatically gives your workplace the look of a prison cell and drain all your energy and motivation at the start of the day.

We can all agree that we hate the fluorescent lighting at our workplace so add some warmth to your desk by placing a cool looking lamp on it and attaching a warm light bulb in it. Moreover, when you are bored, you can snap some amazing selfies as well in your warm light!

Self-care SuppliesWork desks don’t have to be boring! 5 Best Ideas

Excessive work can drain all of our energies and make us look lethargic and tired. Working does not mean that we can avoid our self-care routines.

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Simple place some hand and face creams, comb, deo, lip balm, and a small mirror in your drawer to freshen up yourself within no time. If you are a girl, you can even place some of your makeup supplies so that you can freshen up your makeup and look perfect at all times.

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