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Use These 8 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

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Farmhouse look will provide more comfort to your living lifestyle. We have some DIY Crafts for you which will add farmhouse touch to your modern interior.

Farmhouse design is one of the latest trends going these days and we are going to share more about it in coming days. But for today we have DIY crafting ideas for you which you can easily develop by using simple things found everywhere.

You can even found farmhouse ready-made decorations at stores near you but they will be overpriced so why not save some bucks by doing something by yourself.

Farmhouse Look Decor Crafting Ideas

It’s a fun and healthy activity when you are going to craft something by your hands you can even add your creative ideas too it’s not necessary to stick to our shown designs.

1.Shelve Frame

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

This is a budget-friendly way to produce something special that you can show at a shelf by using an old photo frame.

Things you need

  • Old Photo Frame
  • Paint of your choice
  • Use twin, wires or a thin rope and tie faux flowers or leaves

Pretty simple isn’t it use a color of your own choice and you can also use some other accessories to make it more visible.

2. Window Frame with Faux Leaves

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

This is another form of shelf decor you can use a window frame old or a new one and paint it roughly so it can give a rustic old look. Hang faux leaves on the top middle and you have your decor ready. Use it above the shelf or you can use any area of your wall.

3.Chalkboard Wall Art

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

Another very easy and budget-friendly way to decor your wall with creativity.

Things Needed

  • A blackboard
  • Chalk
  • Your creative idea

For this, you need to buy a blackboard and use your creativity with design and message you want to write on it. It can be a quote or some saying and use minimal designing around it that’s it you are ready to hang this on your wall.

4. Hanging Wood Paper Board

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

It’s more of a writing pad hanging on the wall. I know we all use smartphones and don’t need to use pen paper mostly but because it looks cool and will add something to your decor you should try it.

Things Needed

  • Plywood piece to hang
  • Paper roll to hang on top of a plywood
  • Steel plates
  • Metal screws

You can use this pad to write important notes or your grocery lists or even plans for the weekend. It can be hung in the kitchen area or if you want to write reminder points then use it in the bedroom.

5.Rustic Writing Desk

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

You can find old rustic tables in this form but if you can’t then you have to make it yourself by turning any table into rustic form. Use walnut stain any color to and paint it on areas where you want to make a table look more rustic you can even use the blade to scratch some parts of wood and make it look rustic.

Use it as a reading table in the bedroom or as a coffee table in the living room.

6.Chalk Painted Planters

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

These planters can be used inside a bedroom near the window or you can use them to decorate your lounge area. I know pots are in orange color but you can chalk paint them with white and use your creative ideas to write saying or quotes or even names of your loved ones on them and put some indoor plants in them.

7.Shutter Mirror

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

It’s basically a floor size mirror on shutter where you can hang your coats and other belongings when entering into the house. You can put this in a hallway or near the entrance door of your home so people entering will hang their coats etc on it.

8.Shutter Bench

Use These 15 DIY Crafts To Give Your Home a Farmhouse Look

The same shutter we used for the standing mirror can be used as a bench also you just need to attach the right pair of legs and set it in your living or dining room.

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These were 8 ideas to add some farmhouse look to your simple home interior. We will be sharing more farmhouse ideas in the coming days try any one of these and do let us know how it changed your whole interior.

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