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How to Get an Insta-Worthy Washroom

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We all dream to get that perfect and aesthetically pleasing washroom for your selves. Let’s be real, the washroom is the only alone time we pretty much get to ourselves. That place is where all our major thinking process takes place and where we feel relaxed. So truly we all want it to be the most perfect space for ourselves. Clustered washrooms with product and equipment overflowing can look quite unappealing and unpleasant. But worry not, for those of you who want a peaceful yet beautiful washroom, we’re here with some tips and hacks following which you can get the perfect organized washroom.

Insta-Worthy Washroom Ideas

How to Get an Insta-Worthy Washroom

Wall ledges

Do get that extra clutter off the main rack, and to get your towels in place, invest in some wall ledges. Not only will they help you to better organize your stuff but will also make your washroom look more stylish. It will give your washroom that modern look when you will add these ledges. Moreover, these are pretty affordable and accessible in the market. To organize your stuff even better, these ledges are available in different sizes as well.

Clear jars

We all have those extra jams, chocolate spread, and peanut butter glass jars lying around our house all the time. We seldom know what to do with those empty jars rather than throwing them away. Good news! These jars can help you with organizing your washroom supplies perfectly. Always searching for those q-tips and round cotton pads? Well, these jars can come in handy.

Put those q-tips and cotton pads in these jars so you can see through them and know where your tools are. Moreover, these jars will also help protect them from water and dirt. These jars will surely add a chic and modern look to your washroom shelves.

Old ladders

Have a bunch of old stuff lying around in your garage catching rust? Pull out that ladder and add it to your washroom to make a perfect towel rack. Simply paint the ladder a color of your choice and place it in a corner to hang your towels on them.

This will help you have a new organized place for your used and new towels and will save them from being place on the vanity and floor and catching all the dirt. Moreover, it will save you from spending that money on a fancy store-bought towel hangers.

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These hacks and DIYs can help your washroom look sharp and organized in no time and money. So if you’re one of those people struggling to get more space in your washroom, be sure to check out these hacks and give them a try!

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