Amazing Bathroom Design With Wall Mounted Counter

When designing the bathroom, the more important thing to consider is spacing. Interior designer can give you excellent ideas with the right spacing and equipment, but it will also be costly. You can skip some things in order for the right spacing or you can just scroll down the page and see some of our fresh ideas for bathroom design.

These ideas will help you to design your bathroom any way you want and after seeing this, you don’t need any interior designer. The important thing in any bathroom is spacing. Every homeowner wants to design his bathroom with the right spacing. We brought you some of the best and fresh ideas to apply in your bathroom and get the desired spacing. People are now leaving all the moving counters or shelf attached with tiles. Now there is a concept of floating shelves in the interior design of the bathroom. The persons who tried it are willing to change their bathroom shelves at whatever cost they have to pay!

The biggest benefit you can get to install the wall mounted counter in your bathroom design is that it can create more space for you, which is the sole purpose for choosing this design. It will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. The wall mounted counter also give you a dramatic look and pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom. Most of the people are opting it because it is fashionable and a totally new concept. You can choose the design you want in your bathroom, a variety of designs are available in wall mounted counter. So if you are looking to create an extra space in your bathroom, these bathroom designs might come in handy.

Bathroom Design With Wall Mounted Counter


BEACH HOUSE BATHROOM DESIGNAmazing Bathroom Design With Wall Mounted Counter

If you love to hang out on the beach at weekends, you can design your bathroom like a beach house. This bathroom design is the one you look when you are probably staying in a hotel suite or something like that. This design will get you the right spacing. The double vanity is the thing which makes it unique and beautiful. The materials you are seeing in this design looks like a hotel room material and it is making this fantastic. Now close your eyes and imagine this bathroom design in your house!



Every person has its favorite color. So if your favorite color is blue then this design will bring a bright light in your life. I mean, look at the color finishing and all the materials used to make this wall mounted color. It is just beautiful. I mean if blue happened to be my favorite color, I never would have to think twice considering this my first option to design my bathroom like this. So if your favorite color is blue, then what are you waiting for?



The homeowner makes an excellent choice to put a combination of black and white. You can see the color of the door and wall mounted counter, both are black. And the white color of the tub is what making this design inspirational to choose. Plus, the window beside the tub is also looking great. You can enjoy the natural beauty while MINIUMg a bath or shaving your beard!


INFINITY OASISAmazing Bathroom Design With Wall Mounted Counter

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this looks extraordinary great. What making this design unique from all the others is the woodwork used in this design to make the wall mounted counter. You can see the wall is also of the same accent. The combination of white and light brown looks awesome.



This bathroom is the example of a big and working family. They designed this bathroom with two different counters, opposite to each other. So it will help many persons to use the bathroom at once. For example at one counter dad would be making his beard and at another kid would be washing their face or brushing their teeth. This design will also be helpful there, where friends have to live with each other while studying!



If you want to have an excellent yet simple design in your bathroom then we recommend you to choose this one. Because this looks exceptionally great and what makes this simple is the coloring scheme they choose. The color contrasting can make your place look great, and the same thing has done here!

So if you are looking to change the interior design of your bathroom then we are sure we gave you enough options to change it easily, And if you are looking to create extra space in your bathroom then there are ideas for that too. You just want to select the best wall mounted counter for your bathroom and get rid red of your old move able shelves. We hope you can now do both, change the interior design of your bathroom and change the counter of your bathroom design!

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